Modernize with simplicity, Integration and Automation

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It takes SAS Analytics software, running on HP Converged Infrastructure to modernize your SAS environment.

As you consider modernizing your analytics environment, you have multiple options. Rather than limit you to only one choice, you can work with HP to implement one, two, or all three.

  • Upgrade your SAS software and refresh your IT infrastructure. When you upgrade to SAS 9.4 running on new HP systems, you drive down expenses enterprise—wide. These highly efficient systems require less maintenance, less power, and less floor space to deliver better agility, performance, resiliency, and cost-effectiveness. And because all HP systems are virtualization-ready, you can also reduce costs by consolidating and virtualizing your IT resources.
  • Deploy SAS Grid Manager. This modular, future-focused solution leverages the shared computing model of the SAS Grid Computing environment. By bringing together islands of distributed compute resources into a centrally managed resource pool, SAS Grid Manager allows flexible scheduling and prioritization of regular production and ad-hoc SAS jobs. Each job is dispatched based on the best available mix of compute resources — enabling you to achieve better throughput and increased utilization. SAS Grid Manager is fully tested and optimized to run on HP servers, storage, and networking products.
  • Consolidate your PCs. By centralizing your client environment, you can improve security and streamline backup and management, while also driving down complexity and risk. PC consolidation is based on the SAS Grid Computing model, with SAS 9.4 running the same way on a central HP server as on a stand-alone PC. Consolidation can make your business more stable by providing automatic backup capabilities at the server level—a proven method for protecting and managing business-critical information.