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HP and OpenText have long-standing relationships with SAP. By working together, HP and OpenText offer a complete solution that comprises all the products and services needed for a comprehensive archiving solution for SAP applications.

The solution offesr easy integration to SAP applications, so SAP users do not have to learn a new interface. It enables customers to securely manage all documents and content within a single repository, and the linking of document content with business context in SAP solutions. This enables you to create access, manage, and securely archive all SAP content, thus eliminating information silos, time-consuming mail services, and paper archives.

Why HP

  • Both HP and OpenText have a strong partnership with SAP, with many joint installations.
  • HP and OpenText have a strong technical relationship to ensure that OpenText applications on HP platforms provide the performance necessary for mission critical applications.
  • OpenText is the leader in SAP archiving solutions and HP is the #1 SAP Platform vendor in the world.

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